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Help Topics

1. Registration

This Homehealth e-Store is to provide customers of Philips Respironics - such as Sleep Labs, Hospitals, Physicians and Durable Medical Equipment Providers (DMEs) - with tools to help manage their business more efficiently.

1.1. How to register

There are two easy ways to register:

Option 1

▪ Go to the top right of the header and click on Login/Register then choose "Register for free".

▪ You will be redirected to the registration page.

Option 2

▪ Click on the "Create your account" button in the banner.

▪ You will be redirected to the registration page.

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2. Search and Navigation

Our Shop is designed to make it as easy as possible to find the products you’re looking for. In this article, we’ll take you through the different ways you can use to search for products. We’ll also explain how to check the warranty status of your device and how you can use the built-in My lists feature to help you keep track of and quickly re-order your favorite products.

2.1. Searching for products

There are two easy ways to search for products in the store:

Option 1

▪ Go to the search box located on the top of the homepage and type in the name or item number of the product.

▪ You will be redirected to the relevant products.

▪ If our site can’t find the product you’re looking for, you’ll see a list of the most closely related search results.

Option 2

▪ Alternatively, simply click on a product category on the homepage to bring up the most popular items in that category.

▪ Use the Refine option on the left-hand side of the product category page to easily filter by category and find the products you’re looking for.

2.2. Searching for warranty status

It is easy to check the warranty status of your products. Simply complete the following steps:

▪ Click the ’Profile’ icon and select ‘Warranty search’.

▪ Enter the product’s serial number in the search box. You can find the product’s serial number at the bottom of the device.

▪ The warranty status will now display on screen.

If you can’t find the serial number please contact our customer service team at 800-345-6443 for assistance.

2.3. Downloading the catalog

If you wish, you can download the catalog to review offline by completing the following steps:

▪ Select a category and then click the three dots next to the ‘Sort by‘ field: Select Download/Print this page.

▪ Your download documents will appear at the bottom of the browser window.

▪ Note that you can download 100 products at a time. If the count is too high, try using the refinements box on the left-hand side of the screen to narrow your search results, and then click ‘Download all’.

2.4. Using the ‘My list’ feature

If you often re-order multiple products at the same time, you may find our ‘My lists’ feature particularly useful. This feature allows you to save frequently ordered items in one place so that you can quickly re-order when needed.

To add items to your list, simply complete the following steps:

▪ First, search for and/or select a product you wish to add to your List.

▪ Select the ‘Heart icon’ button to add the product to your list.

▪ Your existing lists will display.

▪ You can either select a list you wish to add the product to from the existing lists OR create a new list by clicking on the ‘Add these products to a new list’ option and typing the name of the new list.

You can check your Lists at any time by clicking the ‘Profile’ icon in the top-right corner of the page and then selecting ‘My Lists’. You can create multiple different lists. All your lists will display here.

To edit your list:

▪ Click the ‘Profile’ icon.

▪ Click ‘My lists’ in the right-hand menu.

▪ Select the list you want to edit and click on ‘edit list’.

▪ Click on the bin icon to delete an item from the list.

▪ Use the scroll bar inside the My list window to scroll through the entire list.

▪ Once all changes are made, click on Update.

To order items in your list:

▪ Click the ‘Profile’ icon.

▪ Click ‘My lists’ in the right-hand menu.

▪ Select a list.

▪ Set a quantity of each product you wish to add to your cart on the right-hand side of each product.

▪ Select the ‘Add to cart’ button at the bottom of the list.

▪ The products will be added to your cart and you can proceed to checkout.

2.5. Saving items in your cart for later

Every time you create a cart in the store, each new cart is assigned an ID. Items will remain in that cart until checkout or you remove them.

That means that even if you have to log out, you will not lose the items in your cart.

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3. Orders

We’ve designed our Shop to help you order and re-order the products you need, quickly and easily. In this article, we’ll take you through the ordering and payment processes, and explain how you can check, modify and cancel your order.

3.1. Placing orders

There are two ways to place orders in our Shop. You can search for a product and add it to your cart manually – or use our time-saving quick order feature.

Placing an order manually

▪ Search for and select the product(s) you’re interested in.

▪ Click ‘Add to cart’. Once you’re done, go to your cart and select the ‘Proceed to checkout’ option.

▪ On the checkout page, select your delivery address, your preferred shipping, click next and then choose your payment options, Purchase order info and accept the terms and conditions.

▪ Place your order by clicking on the ‘Place Order’ button – and you’re done!

Placing a quick order

If you know the product codes for the items you need, you can use our quick order form. This feature saves you the time of searching for pages or browsing long lists of products. We know a lot of our customers find it really useful!

You can place quick orders in two different ways. You can either enter your product codes manually onto the quick order form, or you can upload a simple Excel spreadsheet.

1. Quick order via the online form:

▪ Go to the ‘Profile’ icon and select ‘Quick order’ – or click the ‘Place a quick order’ banner on the homepage.

▪ Add products to the quick order form by entering the product code, tab to the quantity, the name of the product will appear, add your quantity and click tab to add another line.

▪ If all details are correct, select ‘Add to cart’ and either continue Shopping or proceed to checkout.

2. Quick order via Excel spreadsheet:

▪ Go to the ‘Profile’ icon and select ‘Quick order’ – or click the ‘Place a quick order’ banner on the homepage.

▪ Select the option ‘Import order from Excel instead’.

▪ Download the import order template sheet.

▪ Enter the product codes you wish to order in the first column, with your desired product quantity in the second column.

▪ Make sure that the product codes are whole numbers with no decimals, then save your file.

▪ Click the ‘Upload file’ button.

▪ The store will add the products to your cart and redirect you to the cart.

3.2. Placing a recurring order

Recurring orders offer a quick and convenient way to place scheduled orders for products that you would otherwise need to manually re-order on a regular basis. To set up a recurring order, simply follow the steps below:

▪ Choose your products as usual and add them to your basket.

▪ Proceed to your cart.

▪ In the cart, you can choose whether to place the order as a regular order ‘only once’ or schedule it as a recurring order.

▪ You can use the dropdown menu to indicate whether you wish to place this order daily, weekly, monthly or using custom dates.

▪ Select the option that suits you the most.

▪ Proceed to checkout. The orders will now be placed automatically on the indicated dates.

3.3. Searching your order history

To review your order history, click the ‘Profile’ icon in the top-right corner of the page and click on the ‘Orders’ option from the drop-down menu.

▪ Your order history will display here.

▪ You can use the drop-down menu to indicate how you wish to sort the orders (e.g. by date).

▪ If you wish to place an order from your order history again you can do so by clicking on the orange ‘re-order’ button.

If you’ve just made an order and it doesn’t show up in the order history – don’t panic! New orders can take up to 24 hours to update online.

3.4. Searching for a specific order

You can either choose to view all of your orders, or search for a specific order. To search for a specific order follow the steps below:

▪ Click the ‘Profile’ icon and select ‘Orders’ option.

▪ Click on the blue ‘Search order’ button.

▪ You can search for an order using your Philips confirmation number, ship-to-account number, PO number or material number. Please note that if you’re searching using your ship-to-account number, PO number or material number, you’ll need to enter a from/to date range.

▪ Pick the number you want to search with and type it in the indicated box.

▪ The status of your order will be returned to you.

If you’ve just made an order and it doesn’t show up in order search – don’t panic! New orders can take up to 24 hours to update online.

3.5. Downloading order documentation in Excel

To keep track of your orders in a consistent format, you can choose to view order documentation in Excel.

▪ Add your chosen items to your Shopping cart.

▪ Go to your Shopping cart page and select the blue ‘Download to XLS’ button.

▪ You can now view your order documentation in an Excel spreadsheet.

3.6. Modifying or canceling an order

If you have already placed an order, but decide later that you need to make changes to it or cancel it altogether, call our Customer Service team at 800-345-6443.

3.7. Ordering parts that are not available in the online catalog

If you want to order a part that is not available online, call our Customer Service team at 800-345-6443.

3.8. Products that are out of stock

As you checkout with your order, after you choose the address and shipping, when you move onto the payment section, you will be notified whether any of your products are out of stock. If you do not get any notification, everything in your order is in stock.

‘Out of stock’ only suggests that we may not be able to fulfill your entire order immediately. Your full order will still be placed, and items will be shipped as soon as they are available. Once they’ve shipped, you can track these items in your order history.

If you need additional information on your ‘Out of stock’ items, you can contact our Customer Service team at 800-345-6443.

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4. Returns

Occasionally, you may wish to return a product that you have ordered from our Shop or claim a refund on a previous purchase. This may occur if, for example, your order is damaged or your shipment does not match your packing slip.

We want to make this process as simple and hassle-free as possible for you – so here’s what you need to do:

4.1. Returning damaged products and ordering replacements

If you need to return a damaged product and order a replacement, please contact our Customer Service team at 800-345-6443.

4.2. Returning shipments that do not match your packing slip

If you receive a shipment that does not match your packing slip, please contact our Customer Service team at 800-345-6443.

4.3. Returning shipments that you no longer want or ordered too many of

If you receive a shipment that you know longer need or you ordered too many, you can setup a return through your Order history.

1. Click on the ‘Profile’ icon then Orders.

2. Expand the order you would like to return. Order must have a status of shipped.

3. Click the button for ‘Return‘.

4. Choose the reason on the products you want to return and the quantity you want to return.

5. Click Submit and your return process is started and you will be contacted by Customer Service to finish the process.

4.4. Our returns policy

Returns are at the discretion of Philips Respironics except as set out below.

We strive to ship quality products strictly in accordance with your order. However, we understand that you may occasionally need to return a product to us.

To ensure that we can process product returns quickly and efficiently, we apply the following guidelines:

1. All returns should be shipped with freight prepaid and must have a Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) issued by our Customer Service department. The RGA number must appear on all boxes of products being returned to us.

2. Provide verbal confirmation (at the time when the RGA is issued) or a written copy of the original PO, confirmation number or invoice for return.

3. We will issue full credit for products that were shipped in error and/or duplicate shipments.

4. Unfortunately, we would need to charge you (the buyer) a restocking fee equal to 20% of the invoice price on all usable products which are returned, unless returned for the reasons outlined in point 3 above.

5. We will not issue credit for:

▪ Non-defective products which are not in their original, unopened packaging

▪ Complimentary products

▪ Non-defective custom-ordered products

▪ Discontinued products

▪ Products otherwise returnable which were invoiced over six months prior to the date of request for return

Price, product and/or quantity discrepancies

Please communicate all price, product and/or quantity discrepancies to us within 30 days of the invoice date.

Non-returnable merchandise

Please communicate all price, product and/or quantity discrepancies to us within 30 days of the invoice date.

▪ Custom-ordered products (not listed on our published price list)

▪ Products invoiced more than six months from the date of request for return

▪ Discontinued products (not listed on our currently published price list, or formally discontinued)

▪ Non-defective products that are not in the original unopened package

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5. Repairs

Our Shop now makes it easy to setup a repair of a device or mask through our online store.

5.1. What you can have repaired

Any CPAP/BiPAP, Ventilation, RDD or Mask that did not cause patient harm or have a thermal event, you can setup up the repair through the eStore. You do not have to have purchased the device or mask through the store to use this process.

5.2. How to Start a repair

Click on your Profile icon and choose Repair Products to begin your repair

5.3. After Submission

After you submit your repair through the eStore, it will be reviewed by Customer Service. You will receive an order confirmation and call tag email for devices that are within warranty and being directly replaced.

If your device was out of warranty, please write the RA number on the box and ship it to:

Philips Respironics

174 Tech Center Drive

Suite 300

Mt. Pleasant PA 15666


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6. Shipping and Delivery

Our Shop makes it easy for you to manage the way your products are shipped and delivered. In this article, we’ll tell you how you can track your orders and add or amend your delivery address details for orders placed online.

6.1. Tracking your order

Once you’ve placed an order, you will have the option to track the progress of your delivery.

You will receive an email notification with track-and-trace details for each order you place, as soon as this information is available. If there are multiple shipments, you will receive a separate email each time another track-and-trace URL becomes available to us. Every email will always contain all track and trace URLs.

You can also find the link to track and trace your order in the Orders section of the Shop. Under ‘Orders’, click on the ‘track‘ link and it will open the FedEx Tracking site or the link for Infodis if it went Freight.

6.2. Updating your shipping address

If you need to update your shipping address, please email us directly at

6.3. Your shipping options

The default order delivery method is via standard FedEx ground delivery. If you wish your order to be delivered faster you can select to expedite your order during the checkout process, pending product availability and credit approval.

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7. Site Permissions and Account Settings

Our Shop gives you the option to create specific roles with corresponding permissions, so that each store user can access the functionality and information they require.

In this article, we explain the different roles are available and describe how you can create budgets and cost centers. We also provide information on some useful settings, such as changing your password, switching accounts and anonymous browsing.

7.1. Creating roles

You can create roles to allow users to administer their organization in the Shop, as well as order products.

The Administrator role is an individual in your company who can add new users from their company to the site.

Customer roles are individuals in your company who can Shop the product catalog, view order history and create orders.

To setup users:

▪ Log in as an administrator.

▪ Select ‘Profile’ icon at the top of the page.

▪ Select ‘Manage Users’.

▪ Click Add a user.

▪ Fill out the form and click Save.

7.2. Changing your password

To set a new password for your account, click the ‘Profile’ icon, select ‘Profile’ and then choose the ‘Change your password’ option.

7.3. Switching accounts while ordering

Some of you will have multiple user accounts. We’ve created a seamless experience that allows you to switch between these accounts while ordering from our store.

Simply follow the steps below:

▪ Go to the top navigation menu of the store.

▪ Click on the ‘Account Name’ button on the right-hand side.

▪ Under the Organization drop down, choose a different account.

▪ You have now been switched to the chosen account.

7.4. Anonymous browsing

If you would just like to learn about our products and store without creating or signing into an account, it is possible to browse the store anonymously.

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8. General Help

8.1. General Information

Philips Respironics customers (such as Sleep Labs, Hosptials, Physicians and Durable Medical Equipment Providers (DMEs) can get support by clicking on the CHAT button on the homepage, or call 800-345-6443 , Option 1, Option 3. , or send an email to and we will respond quickly.

8.2. Why can‘t I see pricing?

This Homehealth e-Store is dedicated to current customers of Philips Respironics such as Sleep Labs, Hosptials, Physicians and Durable Medical Equipment Providers (DMEs). It is a “business to business” site. If you are a patient or individual wanting to purchase from Philips Respironics directly, please go to our “business to consumer” site at

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9. Estimated Delivery Dates and Partial Stock


9.1. What does the estimated delivery date mean?

The estimated delivery date is a visual representation that we have stock of that product and it is an estimate of when you may receive it. We have not changed our shipping policy. Philips provides estimated availability and/or estimated delivery dates to customers for information purposes but such dates are not a guarantee of when product will be available or of a product's delivery date.

9.2. What does it mean when there is partial stock of what I ordered?

At the time you placed the item in the cart, that was how many we have. It does not, however, guarantee that is how many we will still have by the time your order is submitted. It is just an estimate that you may receive a partial amount of that particular line item or that it may be fully out of stock by the time you submit your order.

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10. Finance Option at Checkout


10.1. What is the Financing Option In Checkout?

Now you can apply for equipment financing on the eStore. Philips streamlined the process for you by allowing you to choose the financing option right from your eStore payment screen at checkout. Our finance team will work directly with you to process your application (if not already set up) and complete your purchase. We provide same-day-approvals and simple documentation so that you can quickly order equipment to help grow your business and better manage cash flow.

10.2. How does the Finance Option Work?

Simply follow the steps below:

▪ Place an order for over $10,000.

▪ Select "Financing" as the payment option in checkout.

▪ Finance Team will follow up within the same day.

10.3. Why is the Finance Option not always available during Checkout?

Orders must be over $10,000 for financing option to be available.

10.4. How do I reach the Finance group for questions?

You can reach the Finance group by email or phone.

▪ email:

▪ phone: 724-719-8622



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